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Revive Behavioral Health Management (Revive BHM) is a data-driven health management consulting firm focused on improving the delivery of services to Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers. We own and manage Mental Health and Substance Abuse Outpatient centers, aiming to increase efficiency and empower addiction treatment and behavioral health centers to provide comprehensive treatment for mental health, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to bring innovative and proven practices to promote significant patient and revenue growth in the industry.



At Revive Behavioral Health Management, our mission is to transform the delivery of behavioral health and substance abuse services. We strive to create a platform that enables addiction treatment and behavioral health centers to provide comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for mental health, addiction, and co-occurring disorders. Through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge practices, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to improve patient care, promote sustainable growth, and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals seeking recovery and mental wellness.



Our vision is to revolutionize the behavioral health and substance abuse treatment industry by providing innovative and data-driven solutions that empower treatment centers to deliver exceptional care, improve patient outcomes, and contribute to the overall well-being of individuals and communities.


Revive BHM offers a range of services to support the behavioral health community:

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Revive BHM offers services such as business development, marketing strategies, revenue optimization, and analytics to effectively manage behavioral health centers.

Yes, Revive BHM has expertise in acquiring companies directly or acting as a broker to facilitate buy/sell transactions involving behavioral health centers.

Absolutely, Revive BHM can provide support in navigating the process of Behavioral Health License submission and offer assistance in setting up new facilities.

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Revive BHM is led by CEO Kevin Miller, who has a track record of success and exceptional leadership in the industry. With numerous awards for innovation and business results, Revive BHM brings a wealth of expertise and a strong reputation.

Comprehensive Services:

Revive BHM offers a wide range of services to support behavioral health management. From business development and marketing strategies to revenue optimization and analytics, they have the capabilities to address various aspects of your organization's needs.

Commitment to Impact:

Revive BHM is dedicated to making a profound impact on the global behavioral health system. Their focus on saving lives, providing hope, and maximizing community engagement sets them apart. They go the extra mile to ensure the best engagement and treatment models across the behavioral health community.

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Premiere Media networks like Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS have recognized Kevin Miller, CEO of the Company, as the top global communications and healthcare executive of the year. The International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) has honored Kevin Miller with this prestigious award for his outstanding contributions in the field.
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